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Case 1

This patient (35 years of age) had an accident during her childhood. Her UR1 tooth died due to the accident causing a discolouration to this tooth, and although her other tooth was fractured it was still alive.

For many years this patient decided to keep this discoloured tooth as she was only offered the solution of having a crown, which she did not want. The dead, discoloured tooth therefore had internal whitening which, as time passed, faded and got back its discoloured shade it originally had.

When I saw the patient, here at my practice, I explained the difference between a crown and a veneer. The patient was happy to have veneers because this method is gentler to the tooth. The 2nd photograph shows the preparation stage of both teeth and in the 3rd photograph you can see the final result.

Case 2

This patient had similar problems: advanced discolouration and the fear of having crowns. The patient was keen to keep the original character of her tooth and was happy to get veneers.

Case 3

This patient had an accident at the age of 10 and as a cause of this his UL1 fell out. He did not get any orthodontic treatment so his UL2 (and other teeth on that side) moved forward filling the gap of the missing tooth. He came to the surgery for fillings on his molar teeth and I persuaded him that by doing a minimal preparation and fitting a veneer the improvement will be huge.

Case 4

This patient wanted to have a perfect and natural smile. The condition of the front teeth allowed us to give the option of veneers, however, due to the patient having bruxism (grinding teeth) veneers were not recommended.

The patient was happy to get crowns made of the same material as veneers (E – max); this material is considered to be one of the best to be used in ceramic crowns, veneers, etc. We do all the preparation for crowns with shoulder. This means that the gums will not be irritated by the edges of the crowns, so if your oral hyginie is well maintaned your gums will be the same even after many years. This also means that the aesthetic of the crowns last much longer.

Case 5

This young patient had 5 full ceramic crowns done and was very happy with the treatment when he saw the finished result of his teeth.


Case 6

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her upper front teeth (1). She was given the option of orthodontic treatment but refused it. She chose crowns because she was keen to get a quicker result. On her second appointment she came in to have her teeth prepared and left with the temporary crowns (2).The dentist advised the patient to wait one week before taking the impressions for the final crowns. This way the patient could try them on a temporary basis to make sure she is happy with the result. Once the impressions for final crowns had been taken, the information regarding the shape, size and colour of the crowns were sent to the technician. At the final appointment, the patient was pleased to see the result of the treatment (3).

Case 7

This patient wanted to have a zirconium bridge to replace his missing teeth (UL3, 5). In this case we had to file down the neighbouring teeth (UL2, 4, 6). The patient was happy with the end result. 

Case 8

This patient had lost his upper front bridge due to the decay of the teeth holding it. Unfortunately these teeth couldn't be saved. 3 months after their extraction the patient got his implants to replace the missing roots. Then he had to wait another 3 months - which is the usual healing time (the healing time is for the bone to integrate into the surface of the implant).

The next step was to place the healing screws (1) into the implants which prepares the gum to form a nice, natural shape around the abutment and later around the crown. This makes the gum more pleasing aesthetically.

Two weeks later the impressions were taken and sent to the laboratory. The individual abutments (2) and then the bridge (3) were made in the laboratory. This patient chose to have titanium abutments and a 3 unit porcelain fused to metal bridge


Case 9

I would like to show you this patient as the patient's mouth has different types of crowns next to each other, which is always a big challenge.

The patient had UL1 porcelain fused to metal crown which was done a couple of years ago at a different practice and she insisted on keeping it. Both the UR2 and the UL2 have got full ceramic crowns and UR1 got a veneer from the same material. The third type of crown we used was the zirconia crown on a zirconium abutment on her UR3. We both liked the end result after the fittings.


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